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Flip a Coin (Coin Toss) Online To make a coin turn over in the air to see which side it lands on, in order to decide something:
-They argued about it, then settled the matter by flipping a coin.
-The captains flipped a coin into the air to decide which side would bat first.

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In daily life. You’ve probably flipped a coin at least once in your life to decide a big decision, or perhaps you just use it to decide small things. “Toss the coin online” is a tool or application that allows you to toss a virtual coin in the air as if you were tossing a real coin. You can rely on randomness to make decisions simply by choosing which option will be heads and which option will be heads. For example, if you want to toss a coin to decide something and you don’t have any in your pocket, you can toss a virtual coin online on your phone. You can always do this anywhere at flipcoins.net

Description of online coin toss application

Before tossing a coin, make an implicit convention in your mind, or with your partner, a specific rule. For example: If the result is tails, you have the right to choose, if the result is heads, the other player has the right to choose. Or you are confused between two options A and B, you decide that if the result is tails, choose A, if the result is tails, choose B.

The rest is simply to click the button: Flip the coin or Flip coin and wait for the results.

Note: This game is based on luck/bad luck. We should only apply for entertainment or in unimportant cases.